El Retiro The plans were disarmed.

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After 50 years of practising as a doctor, Rodolfo thought it was time to retire. Since he was widowed a few years ago, he's started feeling alone in his house of a lifetime. The effort, perseverance and dedication that he dedicated to his profession, have made him neglect other aspects of his life, including his daughter Laura. One stormy night, appears Yanina unexpectedly, the woman who helps him with the cleaning. That day, she brought her son Diego who has 8 years old and was having feverish at that moment. Rodolfo offers her to spend the night at home due to the heavy storm. They stayed but the next morning, Yanina left him a letter saying that she must go to Santiago del Estero and leave Diego's care with him. Accidentally, Laura finds out and decides to move a few days with them so she can help them. This coexistence will revive old differences, old grudges, family matters not resolved and father and daughter have the opportunity to say things they had saved.

El Retiro
English Title
The Retirement
Ricardo Díaz Iacoponi
Comedy, Drama
90 minutes
Produced by
FAM Contenidos
Luis Brandoni, Nancy Duplaá, Gabriel Goity, Soledad Silveyra, Marcos Da Cruz

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