Quizás es cierto lo que dicen de nosotras Inspired on a true crime at the core of a cult sect.

Maybe it´s true what they say about us | True Crime, Drama | Chile, Argentina, Spain | 95 min | Spanish | Delivery Q2 2024

After being isolated in a cult sect for a long time, Tamara takes refuge at her mother's house. Unexpectedly the police inform that an investigation is launched: Tamara´s newborn disappeared under strange circumstances. Both the justice system and her mother will try to uncover the fate of the missing baby.

NEW! Inspired on a true crime at the core of a cult sect.

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Culpa Cero Is Berta Muller committing plagiarism?

No Guilt | Comedy | Argentina | 110 min | Spanish | Delivery Q3 2024

Berta Muller's life, a successful writer, is shaken when, at the peak of her career, she is exposed in the media for the significance of plagiarism. Far from assuming responsibility, she will deny the accusations and try to justify herself ridiculously, even if it means exposing all her darkness.

NEW! Is Berta Muller committing plagiarism?

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Todos Somos Justos Violence doesn't have a single owner, even in a housebreaking.

The Righteous | Social Thriller | Chile | 79 min | Spanish | Delivery S2 2024

Luis is invited to a family celebration at the house where he works as a tutor. The night is going well until a group of young masked robbers break into the house. Hatred emerges as well as a strong desire for justice.

NEW! Violence doesn't have a single owner, even in a housebreaking.

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Linda A captivating housemaid unveils a family's dark secrets and erotic fantasies.

| Drama | Argentina | 100 min | Spanish | Delivery Q3 2024

A captivating young woman agrees to work as a maid in an affluent household. With her unique charm, she sparks attraction in each member of the family, but soon discovers that behind their seemingly happy lives lies unexpected complexity.

NEW! A captivating housemaid unveils a family's dark secrets and erotic fantasies

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La Extorsión They know everything.

The Extortion | Thriller, Crime, Suspense | Argentina, USA | 106 min | Spanish | 2023

Alejandro, an airline pilot, is hiding a secret. When Intelligence Service agents discover it, they blackmail him. Alejandro will be submerged in a universe of intrigue and corruption, placing him and his loved ones in danger, while he attempts to escape alive, no matter the price.

Top Box Office +525.000 adm. released by Warner

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Asfixiados A perfect marriage... Until the storm arrived.

Suffocated | Dramatic Comedy | Costa Rica, Argentina | 97 min | Spanish | 2023

Lucia and Nacho set sail on a fabulous sailboat to celebrate their 20 years of marriage. The journey promises to be perfect, until a storm leaves them adrift. Alone and with no escape on the high seas, they will be forced to wonder why they are still together.

LatAm Dist Disney, Buena Vista Intl - With outstanding Leonardo Sbaraglia

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Alemania Love is not enough. Don't lose enthusiasm.

Alemania | Coming of Age, Drama, First Feature | Argentina, Spain | 87 min | Spanish | 2023

Lola is a teenager immersed in an unstable family context due to her elder sister's mental disorder. She has the opportunity to make a study trip to Germany and will find the way to make this journey happen to escape from the strenuous family dynamics.

World premiere at 71 San Sebastian Intl. Film Festival!

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Un Pájaro Azul A complex couple story and also a deep character drama.

A Blue Bird | Drama | Argentina, Uruguay | 98 min | Spanish | 2023

For over six years, Javier and Valeria have been trying to get pregnant. Javier is approached by Camila, a coworker, who tells him she is pregnant with his baby. In the following days, his relationship - indeed, his entire existence - starts to fall apart.

Spanish premiere at 27 Malaga Film Festival

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La Burbuja

The Bubble | Thriller, Suspense | Argentina | 90 min | Spanish | 2023

Daniela travels with her husband and children to help her sick father who lives isolated in a ranch. An energy crisis breaks out and the whole country falls into a ferocious anarchy. Fleeing abroad seems to be the only way out, and Daniela is determined to follow escape without imagining that an unsuspected deceit is hidden behind.

World premiere at 32 Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine!

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Ven a mi casa esta Navidad

Come to my place this Christmas | Drama | Argentina | 83 min | Spanish | 2023

Inés meets her brother's in-laws on Christmas Eve. She's single and has no children. As the evening progresses, she feels the judging gaze of the other guests for being single in her forties. This confronts her with her life choices and her place as a woman.

An intimate and captivating character drama about a woman in her 40s

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| Coming of Age, Drama, LGBT | Argentina | 100 min | Spanish | 2022

Manuel (16) lives in a small coastal town. He plays bass in a band with his best friends. One of them is Felipe, with whom he shares a strong friendship from a very young age. Manuel is dating Azul, a relationship that they are intensely exploring. But when it comes time to have their first time together, Manuel feels something completely new that makes him see Felipe with different eyes. Routine situations of that friendship change tenor. Manuel tries to figure out if the impulse is mutual. The challenge is not putting the friendship at risk. Something that inevitably ends up being tested.

72nd Berlinale Generation, Sebastiane Latino Award and more than 65 Intl' FF

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Legítima Defensa

Self Defense | Policial, Suspense | Argentina | 95 min | Spanish | 2022

Eduardo, a prosecutor, decides to return to his hometown to investigate a series of murders and he starts unveiling a corrupt ecosystem based on agrochemicals abuse at the expense of the locals, who live in very poor conditions. Driven by these findings, Eduardo will try to overcome trauma. He's not alone, though: there are stories of shattered lives everywhere he looks.

Mar del Plata IFF, IFFI GOA First Feature Competition...

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Finde Accepting terms and conditions has never been so dangerous.

Weekend | Comedy, Thriller, Suspense | Argentina | 85 min | Spanish | 2021

Agos and Santi are stressed due to the pandemic and decide to rent a country house for a weekend. Upon arrival, the hosts inform them they will remain in the house and will treat them like a five star hotel would do, but they are hiding second intentions.

With top-notch Leonardo Sbaraglia

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| Drama, Sports, Coming of Age | Uruguay, Argentina | 105 min | Spanish | 2021

A successful young football player, who suffers from media harassment and his surrounding pressure, seeks to escape from the hell his life became.

Best Iberoamerican Film at Santa Barbara IFF & Best Direction Award at Huelva FF

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Mis Hermanos Sueñan Despiertos

My Brothers Dream Awake | Drama, Social Issues | Chile | 85 min | Spanish | 2021

Ángel and his younger brother Franco have been incarcerated in a juvenile prison for a year. Despite the difficulties, they have formed a solid group of friends with whom they spend their days sharing dreams of freedom. Everything changes when the arrival of a rebellious young man offers a possible escape: the only door to make those dreams come true. Inspired by many true events.

Cannes Écrans Juniors 2023 and more than 70 Intl' FF

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La Chica Nueva

The New Girl | Social Drama | Argentina | 77 min | Spanish | 2021

Jimena travels to Río Grande, on the island of Tierra del Fuego in southernmost Argentina, to join her half-brother Mariano. She has almost no money to travel but manages to arrive there hoping to have a better life in that manufacturing region. The wind, the cold and the complex economic crisis form the background against in which Jimena will develop empathy for the people around her and a feeling of belonging there, but also a place where she will learn to know herself better.

Best Film at Cinélatino 33° Rencontres de Toulouse

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Las Siamesas

The Siamese Bond | Dramatic Comedy - Road Movie | Argentina | 80 min | Spanish | 2020

Clota and Stella are mother and daughter, they live by themselves in an old family house confined by an endogenous routine. One day, Stella receives the news that her father has died and that she has inherited two small apartments located in a desolate seaside town. Stella decides to set out on a trip to discover that miracle which appears as the last possibility to finally become independent, but Clota perceives it as a surgical and terrifying separation.

Goya Nominee 2022 Best Ibero American Feature

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Pacto de Fuga One of the most surprising prison breaks of all time.

Jailbreak Pact | Action, Suspense, Thriller | Chile | 138 min | Spanish | 2020

On the night of January 29, 1990, shortly before the start of democratic transition period in Chile, dozens of political prisoners escaped from jail in Santiago, through a tunnel that 24 militants of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR) had dug for 18 months, over 80 meters long with rudimentary tools like spoons, forks and one screwdriver, and hiding 55 tons of dirt inside the penitentiary. Neither the common prisoners in the nearby cells, nor the prison guards who guarded daily, discovered the plan that would lead to the freedom of 49 prisoners, in one of the most surprising and spectacular jailbreaks in Chilean criminal history.

Top Box Office, Amazon Prime Video Exclusive for U.S. & Latin America

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Los Sonámbulos A New Year's celebration in the family's historic country home is the necessary trap to awaken the sleepwalkers.

The Sleepwalkers | Drama | Argentina, Uruguay | 107 min | Spanish | 2019

A woman, Luisa, and her 14 year-old daughter, a sleepwalker in the teenage awakening. A ritualistic and endogamic family: grandmother, siblings, and cousins. Summer, sweat, alcohol, naked bodies. A New Year's celebration in the family's ancestral country home is the necessary trap to awaken the sleepwalkers.

Oscar 2021 Argentinean Official Entry. Top-Nocht Érica Rivas

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El Retiro The plans were disarmed.

The Retirement | Comedy, Drama | Argentina | 90 min | Spanish | 2019

After 50 years of practicing as a doctor, Rodolfo thought it was time to retire. The effort, perseverance and dedication to his profession, have made him neglect other aspects of his life, including his daughter Laura. A fortuitous coexistence between them and Diego (the 8 year-old son of the woman who helps Rodolfo with the cleaning), will revive old differences, old grudges and family matters. Father and daughter, will finally have the opportunity to say things they had saved.

US premiered at Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival - Spain/Latin America Competition.

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Los Fuertes A love story at the end of the world.

The Strong Ones | Drama - Romance - LGBT | Chile | 98 min | Spanish | 2019

Lucas travels to a remote town in southern Chile to visit his sister. In front of the ocean and the fog, he meets Antonio, a boatswain in a local fishing boat. When an intense romance grows between them, their strength, their independence and their adulthood become immovable in front of the tide.

International premiered at Göteborg Film Festival 2020

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La Afinadora de Árboles

The Tree Tuner | Drama, Art - Culture | Argentina, Mexico | 101 min | Spanish | 2019

Clara receives the global award for children's literature. Soon afterwards, in order to find some peace, she moves with her family to the countryside, close to where she was born. There she finds her old boyfriend Ariel and his brother Carlos, friends from her childhood. A reevaluation of herself and her life becomes unavoidable. Not everything can survive.

Natalia Smirnoff's latest film

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Delfín Life may not be easy, but Delfin does not stop dreaming.

| Drama - Coming of Age - Road Movie | Argentina | 87 min | Spanish | 2019

It is a tender, sensitive and emotional movie about Delfin, a young and intrepid 11-year-old child who lives alone with his father in a small town in Buenos Aires. Above all things, Delfín wants to participate in a Children's Orchestra that is being formed in a neighboring village. This trip will become an adventure for him, and also for his father.

World Premiere - Cannes Écrans Juniors Competition 2019

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Amor de Película A second chance for a first impression.

The big love picture | Romantic Comedy | Argentina | 90 min | Spanish | 2019

A romantic comedy about the first impression and second chances. Martin and Vera, have been together for seven years, since shooting the short film where they met and fell in love. While she managed to become a successful film and theater actress, he still fails to emerge as director.

With Nicolás Furtado & Natalie Pérez

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Bruja People who do harm, need to be punished.

Witch | Thriller | Argentina | 90 min | Spanish | 2019

Selena, a single mother who lives with her daughter Belén, has a wide knowledge of black magic but never uses it to hurt others. When Belén is kidnapped along with other young woman from her hometown by a prostitution ring, Selena is forced to do what she does not want: use all her mystical knowledge to find her daughter.

International premiered at Cairo Intl. Film Festival 2019

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Re loca What would happen if you could suddenly say everything you really think?

Super crazy | Comedy | Argentina | 95 min | Spanish | 2018

After years of living a monotonous life, full of ridiculous pressures and demands, a casual but magical encounter will allow Pilar to go "Super Crazy" and say and do everything that goes through her mind. Coworkers, friends, husbands and family; all shall suffer the wrath of this sudden transformation. Of course, losing your filter can also bring about some consequences...

Top Box Office 2018 UIP +750.000 adm!

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Solo el amor A punk musical articulates the love story between millennials Emma and Noah. Is "just love" enough?

Just love | Romantic Comedy - Musical | Argentina | 97 min | Spanish | 2018

Noah is the lead singer in a rock band that dream of getting out of the garage where they practice and make it big. But their songs lack an extra something that prevents them from striking gold. Everything changes when he meets Emma, a young and uptight attorney who leads her life trying to live up to her family's expectations, especially her strict father's. They crash into each other's lives (literally) by accident and find themselves bound by a passionate love affair. Love is precisely what inspires Noah to write songs that soon become hits. Fame finally knocks on their door, with countless followers on social media. They become an overnight sensation. The group "Capricho" is born, a charismatic and cool trio of musicians. But the young couple's love is strained by different challenges, like an intrusive manager and friendships that are put into the test.

Netflix Acquired this Music, fame, & teen love story for U.S, Spain and Latin America

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Recreo Did you want a break? An acid comedy about sex, diapers, and rock and roll.

Break | Comedy | Argentina | 90 min | Spanish | 2018

Three couples with their children. A long weekend in the countryside. A reunion between friends that starts with enjoyment and laughter becomes a cohabitation that will bring up old conflicts, hidden secrets, and unexpected encounters. Like an x-ray of those who are in their 40s, "Break" dives into the duality of family life, the fantasy of returning to teenage years, pending wishes, the contradictions of the bourgeois life, and the time that escapes us.

LatAm Dist: Buena Vista Intl'

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Al Desierto A kidnapping is the beginning of a particular bond between two marginal lives in a remote location.

To the desert | Road movie - Drama - Suspense | Argentina - Chile | 94 min | Spanish | 2017

Julia, a casino employee from Comodoro Rivadavia, is tempted by Gwynfor, a Welsh descendant, who promises her an administrative position at the oil company where he works. When she realizes the deceit they are already immersed in the desert and will begin an arduous crossing on foot by the Patagonian plateau. Hunting, taking refuge in caves and abandoned buildings, with no possibility of escape in the midst of infinite distances, the difficult coexistence will be transformed with every passing day. In a van, on horseback, guided by trackers, Commissar Hermes Prieto will go after them, sure to find some trace in the middle of the desert.

San Sebastian Film Festival and Mar del Plata IFF "International Competition"

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Maracaibo How long does revenge last?

| Family Drama - Thriller | Argentina - Venezuela | 97 min | Spanish | 2017

It´s a touching and powerful story about paternity, human relations, revenge and redemption. The murder of Facundo brings an irreparable emptiness to his parents life (Gustavo and Cristina). Tragedy brings to light all the unresolved issues between Gustavo and his son and also reveals the truth about his relationship with his wife. Gustavo makes a desperate attempt to understand his own guilt: a tortuous guilt that provokes a deep feeling of revenge inside him and the need to find the culprit.

Da Vinci Awards 2018 / Milano IFF - "Best Screenwriting & Best Supporting Actress (Mercedes Morán)"

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Se busca novio... para mi mujer

Looking for a boyfriend... for my wife | Romantic Comedy | Chile - Argentina | 99 min | Spanish | 2017

Daniel reached the limit of his patience with his wife. The extremely temperamental Natalia is always protesting. But Daniel does not have the courage to ask for a divorce. So he accepts the advice of his friends to hire a famous local Don Juan to seduce his wife and be the one to abandon him. A very funny and intelligent comedy from the director of "Alma" and the popular Chilean TV serie "Casados con hijos".

No. 1 Box Office Chilean Movie 2017!

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Siete semillas Happines can't be bought...

Seven seeds | Dramedy | Peru | 95 min | Spanish | 2016

High concept dramedy written by Fernando Castets (Son of the Bride, Academy Award Nominee Film). After suffering a heart-attack, Ignacio, a self-centered and workaholic businessman, meets the Master, a spiritual guide who will teach him the lesson of the Seven Seeds, leading him to find his own path to happiness and to find the right balance between work, family and peace of mind.

Box office hit + 600.000 adm! - International premiered at Guadalajara IFF 2017

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Una noche de amor 12 years of marriage need One Night of Love.

One night of love | Romantic Comedy | Argentina | 90 min | Spanish | 2016

12 years of marriage need... one night of love. The film talks about the small thrills of everyday life. Leonel and Paola, a couple married 12 years ago decides to go out one night for a dinner, leaving their two children with Leo´s mother. During this night they will suffer a series of mishaps and misunderstandings which lead them to question their marriage.

LatAm Dist: Buena Vista Intl' - more than 250.000 adm!

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Magallanes We all have some pending issues.

| Thriller - Drama | Peru - Argentina - Colombia - Spain | 109 min | Spanish | 2015

While driving his taxi, Magallanes unexpectedly meets Celina, a woman he first met more than twenty years ago, under completely different circumstances. In what would turn out to be a personal quest for redemption, Magallanes will do everything at his reach to help her overcome her actual difficulties, only to find out that Celina would much rather give up everything she owns, than accept his help.

More than 100 international film festivals and 20 awards.

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Solos Charming reflection on cinema, life, friendship and loneliness.

Alone | Road movie - Comedy - Friendship | Peru | 90 min | Spanish | 2015

Charming reflection on cinema, life, friendship and loneliness. Four friends in their thirties travel through the Peruvian Amazon from village to village to show a film in the open air. We don't get to find out what film it is, nor is it clear why hardly anybody comes to watch the free shows. In their conversations in the car or in the evenings beside their tent as they camp, refined nonsense shifts seamlessly into the discussion of the major questions of life.

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Alma Unbearable, crazy, adorable... that´s Alma.

| Comedy | Chile | 97 min | Spanish | 2015

Fernando and Alma have been married for 17 years. She has a mental disorder. She is bipolar. She kicks him out the house because she learns that he cannot deal with her illness anymore. When Alma meets a young Argentinean guy, Fernando realizes that he is still in love with his wife. But it is too late because she has gone to Buenos Aires. Fernando is determined to get her back and tries to convince her that they are soul mates.

Top Chilean Box Office Hit +200.000 adm!

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Caidos del Mapa Last year at school, first great adventure.

Off the map | Comedy - Family - Adventure | Argentina | 95 min | Spanish | 2013

Four friends in middle school decide to skip class and sneak into the school basement. However, the class' gossiper and teacher's pet, Miriam discovers and joins them. As supposed to be a time of intimacy for the friends, but instead it turned into unveiling series of conflicts with jealousy, fear, hatred, and hidden crushes are exposed. Meanwhile, the teacher and principal discover five children are missing and warn their parents which brought upon another conflict of their own.

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El grillo Two women and a lover live together through a hot summer: Absence, love, illness, friendship, madness.

The cricket | Drama | Argentina | 84 min | Spanish | 2013

Two women and a lover live together through a hot summer: absence, love, illness, friendship and madness. One of the women is a veteran underground theater actress, the other one kill's time looking for her lost Persian cat, watering plants and remembering her late husband. The storm arrives and the place is left clean and fresh, but the insect has entered the house. It's not the most worrying of presences: a terminal illness will strain the atmosphere inside the house.

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Iglú An imaginative and moving story of identify and self-acceptance.

Igloo | Drama - LGBT | Chile | 80 min | Spanish | 2013

IGLU explores a young man's complex relationships with sexuality, intimacy and addiction, and how his memories and present day relationships help him embrace a new life. Daniel, a young, handsome and talented illustrator, is deeply depressed in the aftermath of his relationship with an older man, his college professor. Salvation comes through his neighbor Paula, an agoraphobic therapist, with whom Daniel begins an intense relationship.

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I am from Chile Is a very powerful, human story about immigration, solidarity and finding common ground with other cultures in a new country.

I am from Chile | Drama - Comedy | Chile | 108 min | Spanish - English | 2013

Salvador, moves to London from Chile to study English and travel around Europe at his parents' expense. He stays with his aunt María, who makes a rather decent living renting the rooms of the building she lives in to other immigrants. But when a financial crisis back home leaves Salvador with no resources of his own, he has no choice but to make ends meet with the help of María and his flatmates (including a Russian drug dealer and his Japanese girlfriend), taking on a series of short-term, and at times, dangerous jobs.

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