Pacto de Fuga One of the most surprising prison breaks of all time.

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On the night of January 29, 1990, shortly before the start of democratic transition period in Chile, dozens of political prisoners escaped from jail in Santiago, through a tunnel that 24 militants of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR) had dug for 18 months, over 80 meters long with rudimentary tools like spoons, forks and one screwdriver, and hiding 55 tons of dirt inside the penitentiary. Neither the common prisoners in the nearby cells, nor the prison guards who guarded daily, discovered the plan that would lead to the freedom of 49 prisoners, in one of the most surprising and spectacular jailbreaks in Chilean criminal history.

Pacto de Fuga
English Title
Jailbreak Pact
David Albala
Action, Suspense, Thriller
138 minutes
Produced by
Calibre 71, Storyboard Media & Enlazo Capitals Films
Benjamín Vicuña (The Moneychanger, TV Series Vis a Vis, The Memory of Water, The Church of Karadima), Patricio Contreras (Dry Martina), Amparo Noguera (A Fantastic Woman), Roberto Farías (Neruda), Víctor Montero, Francisca Gavilán, Diego Ruiz.
International Premiered at Shanghai Intl. Film Festival 2020 | La Habana FF - Official Competition | Chennai IFF | BOFA FF 2021, Australia | Fort Lauderdale IFF | CineLatino-CineEspañol in Tübingen | exground filmfest, Germany | FeCHA, Greece | The Cinematheque in Copenhagen | Among others.

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