Solo el amor A punk musical articulates the love story between millennials Emma and Noah. Is "just love" enough?

Netflix Acquired this Music, fame, & teen love story for U.S, Spain and Latin America

Noah is the lead singer in a rock band that dream of getting out of the garage where they practice and make it big. But their songs lack an extra something that prevents them from striking gold. Everything changes when he meets Emma, a young and uptight attorney who leads her life trying to live up to her family's expectations, especially her strict father's. They crash into each other's lives (literally) by accident and find themselves bound by a passionate love affair. Love is precisely what inspires Noah to write songs that soon become hits. Fame finally knocks on their door, with countless followers on social media. They become an overnight sensation. The group "Capricho" is born, a charismatic and cool trio of musicians. But the young couple's love is strained by different challenges, like an intrusive manager and friendships that are put into the test.

Solo el amor
English Title
Just love
Andy Caballero & Diego Corsini
Romantic Comedy - Musical
97 minutes
Produced by
Benteveo, Cineworld, Hijo Único Films, Lo mejor está por venir.
Franco Masini (The Clan), Yamila Saud (Hypersomnia), Gerardo Romano (The Summit, TV Series El Marginal), Andrea Frigerio (Rojo), Facundo Gambandé, Vico D'Alesandro, Bautista Lena, Noel Schjaris.

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