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Belmonte A portrait of fatherhood in crisis, and the strength of a child.

World Premiere at TIFF 2018 & more than 40 film festivals worldwide.

Belmonte (43) paints forests full of trees, naked men in strange positions, submarine fantastic scenes, hybrid creatures, love scenes below trees... All of his work, sometimes full of colors, shows loneliness and melancholy, but also beauty and attraction to the human body. There's an important exhibition upcoming at the National Museum of Montevideo but Belmonte is thinking more about the changes inside his family. He is an emotional man, especially dedicated to his daughter, Celeste (10). When Celeste isn't around Belmonte is kind of lost. The film follows Belmonte's point of view and focuses on what he is attracted to, and how his sensitivity applies to his art. In a way, the film shows how creativity is mixed with domestic life, and how both things couldn't be separated because none of them will have sense alone. Belmonte, with an unique personality and cyclic mood, will have to manage to cross a middle age crisis where new acquaintances and fantasies are starting to appear.

English Title
Uruguay, Mexico, Spain
Drama - Art-Culture - Comedy
75 minutes
Produced by
Cinekdoque, Nadador Cine, Corazón Film & Ferdydurke Films
Gonzalo Delgado (The Snatch Thief), Olivia Molinaro Eijo, Jeannette Sauksteliskis, Tomás Wahrmann.
World Premiere at Toronto TIFF 2018 | San Sebastian FF | FilmFest Hamburg | Zurich FF | Sao Paulo IFF | Thessaloniki IFF | Mar del Plata IFF - "Best Screenplay" | Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana | Göteborg FF 2019 | IFF Rotterdam | Santa Barbara IFF | Dublin IFF | Chicago Latino FF | Panama IFF | San Francisco IFF | Hong Kong IFF | Transilvania IFF | Among others.

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